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Absurd Europe Diary

Absurd Europe Diary

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Field-notes from experiments with materials, techniques, forms, interactions, and speculations during my studies at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste [ZHdK].

Chronologically, from left to right— Geometric Art Generator (styrofoam & paper) / Select prints from RISO Labor (paper & risograph) / Entry for ‘A Dictionary of Unseen’ (macro photography) / VVK-Edition No. 8 (photograph & writing) / Impressions-under-fifteen (adobe sketch, ipad, & pencil) / Portrait and figure study (brush pen and a4 paper) / Assorted Ceramic Tableware (porcelain) / Sculpture Generator (MDF) / Installation for Research Workshop-II (paper, laser printer & tape) / Poster from PPP Workshop (adobe illustrator) / Installation at group show— ‘It Can Be Anything’ (5 min video loop projected on 6x4 inch white plywood)

keywords: Swiss, design, education, experiments, visual, communication, process documentation