Where Militants Green

Self Commissioned

Creative Direction / Styling  / Photography /  Retouching

Where Militants Green

Riding a wave of majoritarian rhetoric of order, cultural pride, and national strength, the world’s largest democracy voted for a perceived strongman as its new leader in 2014. Since then, a growing intolerance in the garb of patriotism, traditional values, and national interest have been seeping into the daily lives of the citizenry.

Rights of the minority- religious, cultural and sexual are being trampled by privileged groups fearing encroachment on their dominant positions. Any voice of dissent is shot down as anti-national by an army of supporters and online trolls. While this intolerance is by no means new to the subcontinent, its contemporary prominence can’t be ignored. 

One such manifestation has been the use of food to polarise communities. The choice of what we eat is being used as a political tool. Vegetarianism has become an instrument of violence. Certain kinds of meat are selectively made unavailable. Vigilante groups have been let lose to enforce that ban. This food fascism has resulted in injury and even death of upto 124 people so far.

Where Militants Green is first in a series of artistic explorations of propaganda, imagery and the theatrics of divisive manifestations and violence.



Prasenjit Das

Hair & Make Up
Sandip Nag / Bhaskar Das

Creative Direction + Styling + Photography + Retouching
Chhandak Pradhan

Lighting Assistants
Anterleena Maiti / Mridushmita Bose / Baibhav Parida / Deepshikha Joshi

Styling Assistants
Baishali Pradhan / Shrovona Paul

Production Assistants
Ranalika Mitra / Shilpi Biswas