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Beyond Silence
Mime school in Calcutta
BBC | Jul 19, 2013

The Moment It Clicks
Career story on Visual Journalism
The Times of India | June 29, 2011

Story of migrants from Bihar working in Calcutta’s largest wholesale market.
Yale Journal of International Affairs | Nov 1, 2011

The Write Attitude
Interview of James Richard Dickenson, former editor of The Washington Post
The Times of India | May 26, 2008


Mind Your Language
Interview of Richard Boyum, Director Of Regional English Language Office
The Times of India | August 25, 2008

The Write Stuff
Feature story on Publishing Entrepreneurs from UK
The Times of India | February 23, 2009

Passing Through
Feature story on a group of students from UK visiting india on a fellowship programme
The Times of India | August 4, 2008

The Date
A short story for special feature 'Spellbound' 
The Times of India | October 2, 2008