Road connecting Mizoram in north east India to Burma

A mammoth construction project- National Highway 502A and the rest of Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Network is poised to connect the seven landlocked isolated and often neglected states of North-East
India to the mainland and SE Asia in general. This project, once completed, will reduce distance between the ports of Kolkata in India and Sittwee, Burma by approximately 1328 km. It will also reduce the need to transport goods through the narrow corridor at Siliguri, also known as the Chicken’s Neck. However, it may end up distancing them further from India, as the people of the region share more similarities with the SE Asian neighbours than the mainland. After missing several deadlines, the new date set for the project to complete is April 2019. This project is the first part of a long term essay documenting the trade gateway and the eventual socio-economic, geo-political and ecological impact of the proposed corridor.