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Pritha Chakraborty is an independent filmmaker and a creative producer based out of India. Before her debut as a director in 2015, she worked on several award-winning documentary films as an editor. Since then, she easily transitions between being a director, editor, and producer. Raised in small-town India, Pritha has a unique perspective on the politics of gender, geography, and class, which is often reflected in her works.


Her tryst with documentaries further shapes her power of observation. Drawing on such experiences and her formal training as an editor, Pritha enjoys working with simpler narrative forms with nuanced and layered complexities that make up our everyday lives.


For her first venture as a director of a feature-length fiction film, she banked on her ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. The result was a critical yet poignant tale of two women, at loggerheads due to patriarchy, who find salvation in each other. The film—Mukharjee Dar Bou—was also a commercial success.


Being comfortable in both documentary and fiction, Pritha aspires to seamlessly converge the two genres in her future projects. When she is not daydreaming, Pritha can be found directing successful TVCs as the only woman present on the set.