When I Was a Girl

When I Was A Girl

Look-book, brand campaign and fashion film for Sienna store, Calcutta

When I was a girl and I had my own secret garden. When home was outdoors beneath trees in the sunshine and the hours would pass, like clouds, imperceptibly. Under the night sky where the world was so silent that you could hear the flutter of a moth’s wing and the stars and the fireflies drew patterns in the dark. Time spent in solitude, long before it became a precious thing. These are the memories that have been collected, woven and sewn into the garments you see here. Soft, quiet clothes to dream in, to wander in, and to remember the times when there were no borders between a girl and her imagination.

words: Chandni Ananth / styling: Shuli Ghosh / production assistants: Diya Katyal + Suchi Mahapatra / models: Baishali Pradhan + Shivangi Roy + Karuna Ezara Parikh / layout and retouching assistant: Ankita Das

keywords: creative direction, fashion, photography, film, video, editorial, design