White Box


Visualisations using my body and patterns of behavior

For centuries we have surveilled the heavens; studied stars so distant that we only see them aeon after their death; connected groups of celestial bodies with imaginary lines to form meaningful patterns. Our endeavours, from astronomical to astrological, all attempts to understand what it means to be part of the vastness that is the universe. But what if someone was studying us? Plotting our every move, keeping track of where, how long, and with whom we spend time. Would they understand us any better? Engaging with the question reveals a constellation. Hidden. Unseen.

Seen so far only by my omnipresent smartphone, paths taken over two years suddenly unfold as geoglyphs. Cities, bodies, capillaries, faces, lines or something else— what geolocation Rorschach do you see?

keywords: data, art, visualisation, lifelog, tracking, technology, surveillance, panopticon, Latour, pareidolia