amar khamar

rebranding an organic grocery store selling indian folk rice varieties


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Strategic Brand Design . Brand Identity Design . UI/UX Design . Packaging Design


Design Thinking . Art Direction . Graphic Design . Illustration
Illustrator . Photoshop . Procreate . XD . Shopify . HTML . CSS

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Branding Strategy . Corporate Identity . Style Guide . Responsive E-Commerce Website . Labels and Packaging . Cross Channel Marketing Materials


Amar Khamar




amar khamar is Bengali for my farm. It is a grocery store specialising in indegenous rice varieties, spices, pulses, honey, etc. I was approached by them five months into the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown which had severely curtailed their in-store sales. Even before, they had felt the need for a more robust e-commerce website as well as expanding their existing customer base of upper-middle-class Bengali households. The pandemic had made it just more immediate.

The organisation believes that the revival of indigenous rice varieties is only possibles when more people start consuming such grains daily. They also aim to connect consumers directly to the farmer and her produce. I realised that before an e-commerce website, a shift in the brand personality was necessary to attract younger and pan-India customers. A strategic brand design was required.
stylescape / brandscape

/ website mock up imac / Website mockup iphone / ldp packets / swiss pack / postcard front  + Back / tote bag / typographic poster



After some market research and brainstorming, we decided to re-orient the branding from its existing do-it-yourself-Bengali-cooperative aesthetics to a more handcrafted, premium, and artisanal one—highlighting the brand's core values of sustainability, biodiversity, local produce, and fair trade practices. I also conceptualised a visual identity system that would be unique, yet cost-effective, and implementable by the employees themselves without requiring the frequent intervention of a professional designer.

mission / vision
brand personality

imagery usage


visual identity system

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colour story


symbol . wordmark . logo

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art direction

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