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amar khamar

rebranding an organic grocery store selling indian folk rice varieties


creative field(s)

Strategic Brand Design . Brand Identity Design . UI/UX Design . Packaging Design


Design Thinking . Art Direction . Graphic Design . Illustration
Illustrator . Photoshop . Procreate . XD . Shopify . HTML . CSS

form and dimension

Branding Strategy . Corporate Identity . Style Guide . Responsive E-Commerce Website . Labels and Packaging . Cross Channel Marketing Materials


Amar Khamar




amar khamar, 
Bengali for my farm, is a grocery store specialising primarily in indigenous rice varieties. Serving an already niche clientele in Calcutta, the pandemic severely curtailed their in-store sales and vision of expansion. Brand re-orientation and a robust and more functional e-commerce website were needed. After market research and brainstorming, I proposed rebranding to attract younger customers across India. From its existing do-it-yourself-Bengali-cooperative aesthetics, I recommend the brand shift to a more handcrafted, premium, and artisanal one—highlighting its core values of sustainability, biodiversity, and fair trade practices. I conceptualised and implemented a visual identity system that would be unique, cost-effective, modular, and easily deployable by the employees without requiring frequent interventions from professional designers.

Besides the visual identity, I built a responsive webshop with Shopify, keeping usability in mind for the existing customer base of older individuals. Simultaneously, I art-directed shoots and social media ad campaigns to attract a younger clientele. Next, I designed social graphics, giveaways, and cross-channel marketing material to convey the brand's ethos to its price-sensitive buyers. Finally, I designed packaging that was stainable and cost-effective. Unfortunately, the project abruptly discontinued my services, citing unexpected budgetary constraints after I delivered the brand identity, e-commerce website, marketing materials, and some of the preliminary packaging. Hence, much of the packaging design, search engine optimisation, and training of the employees in brand guidelines and web maintenance remain unfinished.


brand identity

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logo in use

typography & colour story

other brand assets


e-commerce website

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responsive ui design

art direction 

writeup: remote art direction
imagery usage guidlines: tonality and minimalism
light diagram + camera placement dig 
dishes photos: top + side view 
product photo with Bengali graphic overlay
illustration + moodboard


marketing materials

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cross channel marketing



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