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the global nomad club

crowdfunding campaign for a novel by Natalie Bertsch


creative field(s)

Crowdfunding Film . Kickstarter Campaign . Book Trailer


Cinematography . Audio . Video Editing . Grading . Motion Graphics
Final Cut Pro . Audition . Aftereffects

form and dimension

2 Minute 30 Second


Natalie Bertsch



I was approached by Natalie to design a crowdfunding campaign for her first book—The Global Nomad Club—a narrative anthology, exploring and reflecting on the global nomad experience. The campaign was to be based primarily on a short film that visualised and narrated excerpts from the book. It also needed to have a segment with a call to action. The video and the audio had to be decipherable on mobile devices of varying screen sizes.

Natalie used the film to run a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign, which ran for a month, raised CHF 7,524. The raised amount was more than the pledged goal.


the film


production stills

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kickstarter campaign

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Natalie Bertsch (Text, Actor, and Narration) . Jepkemoi (Text) . Ariel Margalith (Script and Narration) . Joel Wong (Actor) . Tatjana Lanaras (Actor) . Lidia Zabala (Actor) . Sylwia Orczykowska (Actor and Book Cover Design) . Dario Forzato (Music) . Rajshree Saraf (Motion Graphics)

Creative Direction . Cinematography . Photography . Audio Recording . Video Editing . Sound Design . Colour Grading

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