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presentation design

high-end presentations, makeovers, and visual assets 

creative field(s)

Presentation Design . Key Visuals . Explainer Videos


Graphic Design . Motion Graphics
Powerpoint . Keynote . Google Slides . Prezi . Indesign . Aftereffects . XD

form and dimension

Digital Slides . PDFs . Webpage






bespoke presentations

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The assorted slides are from various corporate presentations. They include feasibility studies, draft budgets, skill gap assessments, organisational diagnostic studies, costing systems and procedures and strategic business plans by management consultancy firms and fintech companies. The compilation also includes pitch decks and slides from startup fundraising and presentations for academic grants. They were either designed from scratch or were given a makeover by editing the copy, redesigning the layout, and animating the slides. In some cases, I developed a master slide following the corporate branding and an editable template library for future use.


visual assets

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︎Copyright of all slides, and content (including but not limited to the data and visuals) remain with the respective clients. The slides have been used with permission after removing proprietary and confidential information.

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