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brand identity

versatile logo
visual identity system

starting from CHF 1500 / USD 1600
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On the lookout for a dynamic strategic brand designer in the Schengen area / CET zone? Your search ends here! Branding, for me, is a sequence of logical tasks that begins with a clear vision and a flexible plan. My services include branding strategy, variable and responsive logos, visual identity development, stationary, business cards, packaging design, CI/CD guidelines, and more. Working closely with you, I co-conceptualise a unique brand experience for your product or service. Then, I design a distinct visual language that establishes your brand identity in retail and online spaces. Ultimately, I assist you in achieving brand recognition in the marketplace and boosting sales by implementing consistent and cost-effective branding strategies. With experience designing remotely for industries as diverse as finance, culture, and agroforestry, I am open to working remotely in the EFTA, GCC and APEC countries, especially with brands that support sustainability and inclusiveness.

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responsive website

landing page
portfolio site
online store
content & ux writing

starting from CHF 2000 / USD 2100

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As an experienced UI designer based in Switzerland, I offer custom web design services for individuals and brands. Whether you are an academic, author, influencer, dancer, musician, artist or SME, a visually appealing online presence is essential for success. I use stable web builders like Squarespace, Shopify, Webflow, WordPress, and Cargo to create responsive websites and e-commerce stores. These sites allow you to update content yourself, thus saving money on future external web maintenance. Then, I customise the design using typography, colour, visuals, and CSS to reflect your brand's identity. Furthermore, I prioritise improving the website's SEO through content & UX writing to drive more traffic, engagement, and conversions. If needed, I also optimise the websites for different compliances, including GDPR. Let's build your online presence together.

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presentation design

grant application
pitch decks
ted-talk slides
self-running slideshow

starting from CHF 1000 / USD 1100

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What if your presentations could captivate your audience and leave them wanting more? As an expert in visual communication, I specialise in crafting and formatting informative, engaging, and persuasive presentations. My training at a Swiss design school in graphic design, information design, information architecture, and kinetic typography helps me create bespoke presentations and slide decks that structure and combine data with captivating visuals to deliver maximum impact. I've worked globally with diverse industries, including finance, education, and non-profit, and have designed for European, American, Middle Eastern, and Indian audiences. I can also revamp your existing presentations with interactive charts, infographics, and animations or create editable PowerPoint or Keynote templates tailor-made to your brand guidelines. Additionally, I offer training and support to engage with your audience confidently. Whether remotely or on-site in Zurich, Geneva, Davos, Bern, Basel, and Lucern, I'm here to help you deliver a successful presentation at your next event or webcast. Let's collaborate and make aesthetic presentations that clearly communicate your vision.

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marketing materials

illustration & graphics

CHF 90-180 per hour / USD 100-190 per hour

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Welcome to your one-stop shop, offering a spectrum of digital and print solutions for all your cross-channel marketing needs. When it comes to translating intricate concepts visually, I am an expert. Elevate your brand with my elegant flat vector illustrations, minimalist line art, expressive gestural sketches, animated collages, informative diagrams, precise technical drawings, data visualisations, insightful infographics, and sketch notes. Need to make a splash in the music or literary world? Let me craft an eye-catching album or book cover. Want to leave a lasting impression? Let me boost your sales and brand recognition with attention-grabbing posters, billboards, and sleek digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Or extend your brand's reach through engaging social media content like posts, stories, profile images, banners, headers, and key visuals. I also design branded giveaways, such as stickers, postcards, stationery sets, bags, tech gear, clothing, promotional umbrellas, coasters, cups, and drink bottles. Additionally, I specialise in designing collaterals and publications such as brochures, flyers, white papers, catalogues, event magazines, coffee table books, and annual reports that keep potential buyers and investors well-informed. Located in the Central European Time zone, I offer flexibility for seamless collaboration across various time zones, including GMT, Eastern European Time, Arabia and Gulf Standard Time, and Pacific and Eastern Standard Time. Let's embark on a journey together to transform your brand's narrative and make it exceptional.

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promotional film

branded doc

crowdfunding video

fashion film
book trailer

CHF 90-180 per hour / USD 100-190 per hour

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As a brand filmmaker based in Zurich, I understand that videos are the most effective way to drive conversions today. I specialise in making videos that engage audiences, enhance your brand image, increase your social media reach, and improve your website's conversion rate. Depending on your budget, I can work solo or lead a team of talented cinematographers, film editors, sound designers, and post-production artists based in Switzerland, France, Germany, India, and the US to deliver the right message to your potential clients. My interdisciplinary proficiency in filmmaking specialisations and tools, such as direction, digital cinematography, motion design, NLE, DI, and DAW, enables me to work efficiently and cost-effectively for enterprises and individuals. Don't hesitate to reach out for a 2-5 min branded documentary, campaign film, real estate walkthrough, product promo, event teaser, trade show AV, store window display, company culture video, testimonial spot, talking head, and e-learning / online course in the EU region or the UAE, State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Already have video footage? I can also spice it up with editing, colour grading, and motion graphics into engaging content such as brand stories, corporate videos, internal communication, customer testimonials, YouTube explainers, and social ads. With my cultural know-how and experience working with various industries, including crypto, perfume, fashion, and food, I can help you produce stunning branded content films of various durations and formats that captivate your target audience.

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brand photography

homes & spaces

starting from CHF 500 / USD 510

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Looking for a Switzerland-based product, architecture and fashion photographer to make your brand stand out in Europe's competitive marketplace? I specialise in sustainable fashion, wellness, and fitness brands, showcasing them through contemporary and editorial fashion photography to create compelling visual stories. With a keen eye for detail, I also offer architects, interior designers, and scenographers a unique perspective, capturing their spaces in poetic lifestyle narratives or striking minimalist compositions. For e-commerce and brand campaigns, I create flat lays and modern still-life compositions featuring garments, jewellery, plants, ceramics, and food. I usually work with clients in the fields of arts & culture, hospitality, luxury, retail, and travel. Utilising art direction, conceptual photography, macro lenses, lighting, colour, and CGI, I am known for producing clean, abstract visuals with a touch of surrealism.

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portrait photography

professional headshot
personal branding
actor & model folio


starting from CHF 300 / USD 310
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Do you need a photographer in Zurich with over a decade of experience creating unique portraits? Look no further. Whether you need a Swiss-style CV photo, a LinkedIn profile shot, on-site corporate portraits, or a hero profile for personal branding and dating apps, I am here to help. As a collaborative photographer, I scout locations for the perfect backdrop and offer advice on styling, make-up, and posing to create a portrait that fits your needs. I cater to aspiring models, actors, influencers, content creators, and individuals seeking private photos. So be it a simple headshot, in a swimsuit and other typical portfolio shots, or something more artistic and even edgier, I provide tailor-made options. Also, ask me for packages that capture personal milestones: engagement, elopement, anniversary, maternity, newborn, and nursing. Yearly photoshoots for family albums, prints, frames for the wall, and other unique gifts are also available.

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Always available for projects remotely. For hybrid/on-site projects, check the following dates for availability:

3 - 14 Sept: Oslo, Norway
27 Sept - 30 Oct: Kolkata, India
Nov: Reading, UK
Dec: Munich, Germany

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