video cv : anushree bhatter

audio-visual resume for college application


creative field(s)

CV . Resume . Video Portrait . Interview 


Creative Direction . Photo Editing . Cinematography . Polaroids . Audio . Video Editing 
Final Cut Pro . Audition 

form and dimension

2 Minute 31 Second


Anushree Bhatter



Talented Calcutta based photographer Anushree Bhatter approached me to help her film a video introduction for her application to a master's program in Europe. She had already written the first draft of a reflective text which was the starting point. A few sleepless nights, discussions, and re-edits later, she was ready with a poignant text which we decided to use as a script for the video.  

Together we co-conceptualised the video and decided to visualise her life using photographs from her family album—to convey her decade long experience as a photographer. After going through several albums, I edited and curated the photos. I supported the narration with shots of her working and then ended the video with a piece to camera to make her relatable and credible. The entire project was conceptualised, shot, edited, and delivered in a week.


the film


production stills

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Anushree Bhatter (Text, Narration, Photography, Cinematography) . Durjoy Chowdhury (Narration Audio)

Creative Direction . Cinematography . Photography . Audio Recording . Video Editing . Colour Grading

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